Entera Migration Questionnaire

Entera migration from Entera 3 to Entera 4 or Entera 3.X to NXTera has a few issues with migrating the functionality of the client and server stubs generated with utilities such as rpcmake and sqlmake. In Entera 4, these utilities were replace with GUI-based utilities known as obigen and dobigen. The primary differences in the different utilities are in the different data types that need to be supported. Further changes to some of the APIs in Entera required a thorough investigation of the Entera based application with a process known as an Assessment. Rpcmake is a perl-based connector generating utility for RPC based applications that can handle various languages such as perl, C, Cobol, Visual Basic, Delphi and Powerbuilder. Other languages could be supported due the virtue of C being compatible with Fortran, Pascal and PL/1. Newer languages like C++ were added to the rpcmake utility of the follow-on product, NXTera.

SQLMAKE is a program which creates a client and server connector in several different languages from SQL statements wrappered by a interface definition shell. sqlmake is used to create a language independent database connectors with approximately the same structure as ODBC, but none of the issues with insecure passing of clear text. SQLMAKE enables programmers to quickly generate database connection code as simply as making procedure calls.

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Migration Planning Questionnaire
Entera 2.1/3.2 -> Entera 4.0

Entera 4 Migration Guide for Entera TCP Users

ENTERA/TCP: Migration Planning and Estimation Questionnaire

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