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Important Information to Have Before Contacting Developer Support

In order to be able to reach eCube Systems Developer Support, you must register. If you are a named contact on an active Support Contract and you have not received your information, please send email to including your name, e-mail address, phone number, address, company name and contract number.

If you are not the named contact on your company's support agreement we can work the issues. Typically a support contract has two named contacts. The details could be worked out by contacting us via the online registration form.

Include your name, e-mail address, phone number, address, the name of the individual that is to be replaced, company name and contract number. Your information should also include the person that is to be replaced.

If you prefer phone - Toll Free: 866.493.4224

Having all of the following information available before you call eCube Systems Developer Support will help us create and log a case for you. In addition, having the requested information will assist us in solving your problem in a more timely fashion.

Necessary Information

1. Name

2a. Company

2b. Site

3. Phone Number

4. Platform(s) (OS) including version

5a. Product name and version

5b. Any patches or service packs applied

6. Client language and version (if applicable)

7. Database and version (if applicable)

8. Detailed description of the problem

9. Detailed history of this problem

10. Log files which indicate the problem


As the Enterprise products may be used to develop and deploy unique applications in diverse environments, the most effective way to get an issue resolved is to provide a small test case that demonstrates the problem behavior. It should be reproducible independent of your environment and other third party products. Many of our customers succeed in demonstrating problems by modifying the examples that ship with the product.

It is very often important to have the log files from both the client and the server side. This is often the only way which we can gain a comprehensive understanding of what is happening in your particular situation.

Please note that each question or problem that you need support on should be entered as a separate case.

The default priority for all new cases is medium. Please note the following priority definitions. We reserve the right to alter the priority of a case if the requested priority does not fit our definition.

High Priority: Critical business impact. A High priority may also be assigned to a case which results in the inability to use a mission critical application.

Medium Priority: Some business impact. The problem seriously affects the functionality of the software, but can be circumvented so that the software can be used; or implies that a program or functions remain unaffected; or that the product as a whole functions but that a certain function is somewhat disabled, gives incorrect results or does not conform to the specifications.

Low Priority: Minimal business impact. This priority is also used for questions, comments, and requests for enhancements to the software.

If you are emailing us regarding an existing case, please include the case number in the subject line. You must send all email correspondence to this address, even if you are working with an individual support engineer.