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Entera Public Newsgroup Welcome

Hello and Welcome to Borland's Entera newsgroup.

Happy New Year!

Many things are happening here at Borland, and exciting things are happening to Entera. We have set up this newsgroup to allow both current and future Entera customers a place to discuss Entera related issues. The purpose of this forum is twofold. It is meant to be informational for those interested in Entera but not famiuliar with the product. It also provides a cooperative forum for current Entera users.

For those familiar with Borland but not Entera, this forum will provide a place to learn more about the capabilities of Entera and how it can help solve the issues you encounter building large-scale, business-critical application.

For existing Entera customers this forum will provide a place for users to meet, share experiences, and leverage others' experiences building large scale applications. There is a tremendous wealth of information that exists within the Entera community, and I hope that this forums will provide an opportunity to share that expertise amongst all Entera users.

Please note that this forum is not an alternative to Borland's Entera Developer Support team. While issues may be raised in this forum in order to solicit other users input, there is no guarantee that a Borland representative will be available to resolve the issues. Support requests should continue to go through the official Developer Support channels.

I hope that all Entera users will become regular participants, and I welcome the input that this forum will provide.

James Ferguson

Senior Product Manager

Borland International

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