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Borland entered an agreement with eCube Systems to support the Entera product line in 2003.

Houston, TX - January 29, 2003: Borland Software Corporation (NASDAQ NM: BORL), a leading provider of technology used to develop, deploy and integrate software applications, has entered into an agreement with eCube Systems L.L.C., a provider of legacy transformation services and bridging technologies for enterprise systems. This agreement enables eCube Systems to sell, upgrade, maintain and enhance Entera® middleware product line.

The relationship leverages the eCube experience in legacy transformation, enterprise integration and distributed systems, as well as the long Borland history of delivering best-in-class technology. The relationship enables companies to increase ROI and better leverage their existing technology investments in Entera and Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) by enabling companies to:

  • Maintain, support and upgrade existing distributed applications to provide improved platform support, application throughput and data access performance
  • Reduce the risk and costs associated with developing replacement systems
  • Extract greater value from existing technical equity
  • Integrate legacy systems with contemporary architectures (XML, CORBA, and Web Services)

This alliance and eCube products and services are designed to enable companies to extend the capabilities of existing applications and increase the ROI derived from legacy technology investments.

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*Entera Updates and Patches Password Protected Area.

Please note that the patches directory is only accessible to customers with current support contracts. To get the access and password please register at eCube Systems

The following readme files describe in detail the various updates according to Entera product release and are available without a password for your review.
Entera 3.2 Service Pack
Entera 3.2 Post Service Pack
Entera 4.0
Entera 4.01
Entera 4.2

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