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Frequently Asked Questions

Running 16-bit and 32-bit client apps on same NT/95 machine


How can I run both 16-bit client applications and 32-bit client
applications on the same Windows NT or Windows 95 machines?
Both dll's have the same name!


Believe it or not, this works just fine.  Make sure the
PATH to 16-bit Entera is completely separate from the PATH
to 32-bit Entera.

Launch the 16-bit client in an environment where only the
16-bit odet30.dll is available.  (To be sure it loads the
correct one, you may want to simply put the dll in the
directory where the application resides).

Launch the 32-bit client in an environment with the 32-bit
odet30.dll in the path.

If you then look at the memory usage for the two clients
(by using a tool such as pview), you'll see that the 32-bit
client clearly has loaded odet30.dll into its process space.
But the 16-bit client does not show odet30.dll loaded.
Instead, wow32.dll is loaded.  The wow32.dll then loads
the 16-bit version odet30.dll.  This dll is loaded into
a separate memory address space, so it does not conflict with
the 32-bit dll.