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Frequently Asked Questions

Which version of odet30.dll do I have?


Which version of odet30.dll do I have?  I have several
different files with this name, which one do I need to use?


The Wintel TCP runtime DLL, odet30.dll, at this point, does have
many different versions, which start to get confusing if you've
upgraded Entera or applied patches to a machine.  Running
getrelid to get the release tag doesn't always get you enough
information.  The following is the list of different versions
which you may have, identified by file size and date (and
obviously, the date may change after copying...)

32-bit odet30.dll
346,112 bytes, 2/9/96 -> Entera 3.1 general release
472,064 bytes, 10/17/96 -> latest 3.1 patch
399,872 bytes, 11/7/96 -> Entera 3.2 general release
466,944 bytes, 7/23/97 -> Entera 3.2 service pack
466,944 bytes, 10/28/97 -> Entera 3.2/Delphi Enterprise

16-bit odet30.dll
288,644 bytes, 10/31/95 -> Entera 3.0B
289,232 bytes, 2/26/96 -> Entera 3.1
247,744 bytes, 11/8/96 -> Entera 3.2
255,414 bytes, 10/17/97 -> Entera 3.2 service pack