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Frequently Asked Questions

Errors compiling variable named servers


When I compile a variable named server I get a bunch of errors
that look like:

cc: "server.c", line 435: error 1711: Inconsistant parameter list
declaration for "getpermissions"

But my code works fine if I don't build it as a varible named server.
Why, and how do I fix this?


To fix this you need to remove the '#include "server.h"' from
your SERVER code, server.c (where 'server' is the interface name).  
When generating stubs for varibale named servers Entera will 
make two sets of prototypes, one for the server and one for clients.
Because the clients must specify which variable named server it
wishes to access, the client stubs have an extra parameter in
their function prototypes. ie

server function:	int add(int x, int y);

client function: 	int add(char *server, int x, int y);

The .h file that Entera made is only for use in the client 
application, but no harm is done unless you inlude it in
a variable named server - in which case you will get an 
'Inconsistant parameter list declartion' error.