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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Entera with Borland C++


When I try to build my Entera application using Borland C++ I get
linker errors, how do I fix this?


Most often such linker errors in Entera applications are cause by
one or more of the following:

	1.  Required stubs not included in project.  If you are building 
an Entera client you will need to add YourInterface_c.c to your project. 
Likewise, if you are building an Entera server you will need to add 

	2.  The odet30.lib that comes with Entera is not compatable with
Borland C++.  You can generate your own odet30.lib by using implib
(shipped with Borland C++):
	implib odet30.lib odet30.dll

This will create a odet30.lib that will work with Borland C++.

	3. After you create odet30.lib it also must be included in the