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Frequently Asked Questions

Binding the DB2 Database


How do I bind the DB2 database when using Entera?


Before using DB2 for the first time with Entera, after
installing a new version of Entera, or after installing a
Borland patch relating to DB2 these steps need to be exectued:

1. Change directory to the $ODEDIR/etc directory.

2. Log in to the DB2 DBMS as the dba or a user who as adequate
   privileges to bind to a database.

3. Bind the database. If you are using the Advanced Data Access
   Package, you must specify the bind file adcp_db2.bnd, rather
   than dcp_db2.bnd.  Enter the following commands:

   db2 connect to <database_name> user <user_name> using <password>
   db2 bind dcp_db2.bnd
   db2 terminate

The binding step needs to be executed for every database that
the db2_start utility will access. The binding needs to happen
only once, only the first time you access the database with