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Frequently Asked Questions

Using scripts to start servers in AppMinder


How do I set environment variables before starting a server or
what if I don't want to use the AppMinder generated .env files?


In the AppMinder viewer, "Edit" window, under the "General" tab
there is a field called start command.  You will fill in the
name of a script file here which you will write to start your
servers with different environment settings.  If your script
file is named 'servstart', fill in the proper starting directory
and executable name.

The script for starting a server with a different .env file than
the AppMinder generated one is as follows:

exec servexename -e myenvfile.env

What AppMinder will do is run the script which will in turn start
the server with your specified .env file or other environment
variables (such as DB_LOGIN or DB_PWD).  The exec command allows
the started process to inherit the PID of the script so that
AppMinder will correctly manage the proper PID.

Note, that the exec command exists on Unix platforms. At this
time there is no functional equivalent for Windows.